Creating Authentic Characters
8-Week Course

Bring your Characters to Life

Do you find it challenging to create memorable, life-like characters?

This course with award-winning author A. R. Levett guides you through how to create believable characters readers will fall in love with by identifying the story function of each one, differentiating them from each other, putting them in conflict with each other, drawing on archetypes to flesh them out, and using archetypal journeys to develop character arcs for them so they come across as authentic.

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"A good workshop for developing characters with more depth,
complications, and complexities."

— Kathleen Dzubiel

Course Outline

Class 1: 10 May 2022

Receive an introduction to the course and determine each character's story function.

Class 2: 17 May 2022

Create a web of characters and individualise them from each other.

Class 3: 24 May 2022

Work out how to develop a balance of power between the characters and determine how each opponent opposes the protagonist.

Class 4: 31 May 2022

Learn about archetypes, archetypal journeys, and discover which archetypes are the most and least dominant in your characters.

Class 5: 7 Jun 2022

Chart your protagonist's ego archetypal development.

Class 6: 14 Jun 2022

Determine your protagonist's soul archetypal journey.

Class 7: 21 Jun 2022

Create your protagonist's self archetypal journey.

Class 8: 28 Jun 2022

Learn about character change and how to chart your character's growth across your story.

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"It deepened my understanding of character arc."

— Odile Pouliquen-Young


10 May- 28 Jun 2022
Tuesdays 10am - 1.30pm


Mattie Furphy House
88 Wood St, Swanbourne, WA

$300 for full course (save $60!)
or $45 per class
+booking fees



Limited to 6 places
Book early to secure your place.


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"It has really helped me define/redefine what pushes the protagonist."

— Anne Forbes