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Story Mentoring

What is a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is an informed review of your story. It allows The Story Mentor to bring his storytelling experience and fresh eyes to your manuscript to determine whether the concept and story works as a whole.


During a Manuscript Assessment, The Story Mentor:

  • Reviews your story with experienced eyes;

  • Assesses the story as a whole;

  • Offers suggestions on how to improve it;

  • Identifies any sections that need clarification;

  • Recommends what to add or remove;

  • Pinpoints plot holes and errors in logic; and

  • Advises your next best course of action.

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When Should I Get a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is recommended for writers with a completed early draft of their story.


Often writers become too close to their stories and struggle to recognise its quality components from its obvious flaws. If this has happened to you, then you need a Manuscript Assessment.


The Story Mentor approaches your manuscript with fresh eyes, allowing him to see clearly what works and what needs improvement.

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What is
Story Mentoring?

Story Mentoring is an ongoing process whereby you meet regularly with The Story Mentor to discuss a new section of your work-in-progress, garner advice on the writing process, and become inspired to keep writing as The Story Mentor guides you along your writing journey.

Through monthly meetings, you will not only have the opportunity to have your story reviewed, but also grow as a writer, learn new techniques and discover more about your writer self.

During your monthly Story Mentoring session, The Story Mentor:

  • Discusses with you your writing journey over the previous month;

  • Discerns any issues you may have encountered during the writing process and offers advice on how to overcome them;

  • Performs a Manuscript Assessment of 10,000 words on a new section of your story;

  • Apprises you of any competitions or publications that may benefit you;

  • Provides you with writing exercises to help you grow as a writer; and

  • Inspires you to keep writing.

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When to Get
Story Mentoring

Writing is a lonely, isolating task filled with overwhelming self-doubt and uncertainty. Without like-minded writers to discuss your project, it is easy to want to give up your hopes and dreams of becoming a best-selling author. That's where Story Mentoring comes in.

Story Mentoring is recommended for all writers who struggle with their manuscript and want guidance and support during the long, arduous journey towards publication.

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What You

As well as providing you with a better understanding of your writing journey, your story, and the writing process, The Story Mentor provides you with:

  • Monthly 1 hour Story Meetings;


  • A Manuscript Assessment of up to 10,000 words from your story;


  • A Report detailing his findings with your story and suggestions for your craft;

  • General notes and mark-ups within your story regarding specific issues;

  • A writing exercise to expand you craft skills; and

  • Encouragement to keep writing.

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Once you have made contact with The Story Mentor, he will ask you to submit your manuscript to him for review and arrange a time and centrally neutral location, usually a cafe or library, for the Mentoring Session.

You are required to submit your manuscript to The Story Mentor NO LATER THAN 2-WEEKS PRIOR TO THE ARRANGED MEETING DATE (see below for submission options).


The Story Mentor reviews your story for you before bringing it to the scheduled Mentoring Session.


During the Mentoring Session, The Story Mentor discusses his findings with you and hands over his report and your marked-up manuscript. The Mentoring Session also allows you to discuss your ongoing writing process, any problems you have encountered, and draw from The Story Mentor's knowledge base and experience.

At the end of the Mentoring Session, The Story Mentor will arrange a date and time for your next session and a submission date for your story.

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Story Mentoring is an ongoing process that can last months or even years depending on how much support you need.

The Story Mentor recommends meeting monthly to check in on your writing and story progress, however, you are welcome to arrange meetings as often as you need them.

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When submitting your story to The Story Mentor, please use the following formatting:

  • Line Spacing: 2.0

  • Margins: 2.54cm top, bottom, left, right

  • Font Type: Times New Roman or Arial

  • Font Size: 12pt

  • Document Format: .doc or .docx only

  • Printed Manuscripts: One-sided only

  • Page Numbers: place inside Bottom Footer

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Story Mentoring

Story Mentoring costs $350 a session. However, since it is an ongoing process, The Story Mentor offers discounts for those who buy packages of Mentoring session. Please see the table below for package details. 


All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.


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How to Book for
Story Mentoring

To Book a Story Mentoring session or enquire about purchasing a pacakage, please contact The Story Mentor using the form below.

In your message, please outline your name, the length of your story, and your writing experience.

Thanks! Message sent.


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For more information, please read the FAQs page or contact The Story Mentor:

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