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Mapping Your Story
8-Week Online Course

Turn your Ideas into a Story

Do you have lots of great ideas that would make for interesting stories? Do you want to learn how to write  an engaging book?

During this acclaimed writing exercise-led course, award-winning author A. R. Levett guides you through establishing the possibilities and challenges inherent in your idea, the characters who populate it, the main conflict they will be involved in, the character growth arc, and more. You will walk away with a solid story premise and the confidence to begin writing.

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"A great opportunity to flesh out and focus in on a story idea."

— Garry Winterton

Course Outline

Class 1

Receive an introduction to the course and learn why it's important to write about something important.

Class 2

Explore your story's possibilities and challenges.

Class 3

Locate your story's theme, its most interesting character and their central goal.

Class 4

Establish the story's main opponent, character values, and central conflict.

Class 5

Map out your story's main events, inciting incident, and climax.

Class 6

Determine your protagonist's self-revelation and inner weakness.

Class 7

Create the protagonist's character growth equation and final moral choice.

Class 8

Develop the strategies and obstacles the protagonist must face, the story's new equilibrium, and the story's premise.

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"Empowering stuff. I’m going to be able to write stories more easily now."

— Lynne Deperas



$300 for full course
or $45 per class

Bookings & Enquiries

Limited to 6 places
Course Links provided upon booking


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"A valuable tool to assist in developing my story. My writing will be better because of it."

— Margaret Cameron

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