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Mentoring & Editing Testimonials

"The Story Mentor reviewed the first nine chapters of my YA speculative science-fiction manuscript. He identified aspects that worked, as well as potholes in the road. His suggestions were insightful and they have guided the craft of my writing. I find The Story Mentor a passionate coach, supportive and direct - an ideal mentor for my manuscript."

— Bruce,

Manuscript Assessment client

"I was impressed with the understanding The Story Mentor had of my aims in writing the book, and the advice he could offer to achieve my goals.

"The Story Mentor also provided me with a written summary of his assessment. It was comprehensive, and contained useful advice which I have applied in revising my work. I am certainly satisfied with the level of commitment he has demonstrated, and I look forward to our continued contact.


"I feel confident that The Story Mentor would be able to offer the same assistance to other writers, and I am happy to recommend his services."

— Margaret Cameron
Author of Under a Venice Moon
& Story Mentoring client

"Thank you for assessing my novel. It is just what I needed to progress as a writer. I have read your report and appreciate your expert advice. I have never formally studied writing and as a late starting beginner, I needed someone independent of family and close friends to go over the manuscript. I appreciate your frank appraisal of the weaknesses both in my techniques and the narrative. It's just what I needed. I have buried myself in the novel for over a year and I feel your report will allow me to progress towards my goal of publishing a book."

— Garry Winterton,
Manuscript Assessment client

"In revising my work, The Story Mentor has demonstrated to me what I believe is the high level of professional understanding that is needed for my writing to one day soon reach its best. The Story Mentor was kind enough to go much further out of his way to answer all my questions, which were many. I feel he has a broader understanding of life's variable nature - which I also feel is important for an editor to be able to get properly in touch with any person’s writing message or content. For any struggling wanna-be author like myself, a person of The Story Mentor's experience and skill set is definitely the way forwards."

Substantive Editing client

"The Story Mentor is an outstanding editor and mentor. He is exact and prompt in his delivering of the work he has done. He has understood what I as a writer am trying to do and he develops my work further along that path. I am very grateful for his insight."

— Lynne Deperas,

Story Mentoring client

"Over a period of eight months The Story Mentor read my entire manuscript and assessed each chapter in depth. His insightful findings highlighted the issues within my writing, and helped me move up to the next level in terms of craft and story telling."

— T. Larsen
Story Mentoring client

"The Story Mentor provided very helpful advice and suggestions on my poetry, and I would thoroughly recommend his editing services."

— Anonymous,
Copy Editing Client

"I found the Story Mentor's manuscript assessment thorough, insightful and constructive. In his review, The Story Mentor  addressed the particular issues I'd asked him to as well as identifying a range of other issues for me to work on. He also provided a number of pertinent articles to help me better understand and improve on the problem elements. The process gave me a clearer view of where to go next and the tools with which to improve my writing as I progress. Thanks. Money well spent."

— Louise Ainsworth,
Manuscript Assessment client

Secrets of Storytelling Testimonials

"I would recommend The Story Mentor’s course to every writer, no matter where in your story you are. If you are a beginning writer, he gives you the tools to plot; if you’re work is further along, those same tools can help unstick a sticky patch."

— Ivy Bazely

"This course has helped me overcome a mental block when it comes to writing. While most concepts were not foreign to me, having them presented in the context of my current writing project has been hugely beneficial and I believe my book will be better for it. I might even consider doing it again with a future project."

— Trine Larsen

"Working with The Story Mentor has brought my novel from a short story inspiration to have enough depth and detail to build a whole novel upon. I feel I have avoided many pitfalls and dead ends by using his course to built the framework to a novel that will stand up at the end."

— Anonymous

"This course is very intensive and extremely useful. I started with just an idea and have developed the bones of a story using the tools provided and aided by excellent class feedback"

— Anonymous

"The Story Mentor's course is excellent. From the material used via the exercises, I have been able to progress my characters' stories so much, that I now have a much better idea of where I'm going with my novel."

— Sandie Watts

"The Secrets of Storytelling is an extremely helpful and insightful course for a new or developing writer. It covers theoretical material not often covered in writing courses. The style is relaxed, informal, and friendly. Recommended."

— Anonymous

"The Story Mentor's style of teaching enables aspiring authors to reflect deeply on their work, prompting writers to improve their manuscript."

— Anonymous

"The course showed me why and how to plan, prepare, and develop the framework for a novel, before I get halfway and discover so many flaws that I have to rewrite and start again. The exercises have been invaluable in showing me how to get depth and detail into the characters, plot, and theme of my story."

— Petrina

"This course is helping me build my most recent project in a way I have not attempted before. Even if the concepts are not new to you as a writer, this course is still worth it. Especially if you're feeling stuck in your writing journey."

— Annymous

"During The Story Mentor's The Secrets of Storytelling course, I found the weekly sessions excellent for helping to crystalise my vision for my manuscript. I find the discipline of writing challenging, but this course provided the framework I needed to see a project through to conclusion."

— Alyssa Curtayne

"This is one of the best structured and well organised writing classes, particularly the in-class writing exercises forcing me to work out so much I've been struggling with for a very long time."

— Anonymous

"I highly recommend this workshop. I have had a story clanging around in my being for the last nine years but U have no idea how to frame it. I've wanted to write it for so long. Now I have a valuable template and a decent beginning to grow my story in an interesting way."

— Sophia

"Great opportunity to flesh out and focus in on a story idea. 'Developing' was the key word here, and I feel it was my skills as well as my premise that were developed."

— Garry Winterton

"I had high expectations about this course and it is delivering in spades. The Story Mentor is well researched, organised and very inclusive. The discussions were extremely useful and I am looking forward to other workshops very much."

— Julia Burns

"The workshop has helped me turn my rough character and idea into a more fully formed plot. In particular developing a theme, conflict, and thinking about the climax."

Alia Bath

"I found the workshop helped clarify my ideas for my novel. It has given me an idea of how to structure my planning."

—Margaret Cameron,
author of Under a Venice Moon

"I found this workshop really useful for making me think in more detail about the drivers of my story - the main character and his motivations, the conflicts he has and how they are key to the story, and it even helped me fix in some plot points and give me better direction. The workshop really helped me order my thinking about what a story needs and where my story is going."

— Anne Forbes

"The workshop was engaging, easy to understand, and The Story Mentor is a kind teacher. It was everything my English class wasn’t: genuinely fun!"

— Amy Parker

"I most enjoyed refining the exercises from The Secrets of Storytelling because it deepened my understanding of character arc. The exercises gave me a better understanding of character and simplified the concept of needs. The concepts are beginning to coalesce into a whole and more easily put into practice. I can see the value of following the workshop exercises as my writing evolves."

—Odile Pouliquen-Young

"The workshop really helped me to structure my thoughts, storyline, and main character."

— Sue Clapton



"This workshop added more depth my story. I will enjoy working on my story more. Especially to make the nature in my story, and how it changes during the seasons, more vivid and give deeper meaning to the individual settings."

— Eva Cronstedt



"A good workshop for developing characters with more depth, complications, and complexities."

— Kathleen Dzubiel



"I thought we’d covered most aspects of character, but this workshop helped me so much I realised I needed to change my antagonist!"

— Louise Ainsworth


"I really enjoyed applying concepts of character function and archetypes to characters I have in mind. I found this useful in stimulating new ideas and options."

— Rita Tognini

"These workshops are some of the best I’ve attended. The way it forced me to understand how the city shaped the story really helped. As a fantasy writer, world building is essential to the craft."

— Anonymous



"I really enjoyed the relative ease with which I was able to apply these concepts to my story."

— Steven Barra



"I love the way The Story Mentor has everything all fitted in and so that our learning increased exponentially. I had a sense of getting the good oil of finally learning how to write a novel. I most enjoyed The Story Mentor supplying everything in detail."

— Lynne Deperas



"They best course I've attended. It was very thought-provoking. I think my story can progress in a more structured manner now."

— Anonymous



"Creative writing can lead you up hill; down dale, this course has given me a foundation to stay on target with the story and a path to follow to keep me true to my characters."

— Rikki Harrison



"The Story Mentor's style of teaching is relaxed while still remaining focused on his students and the group as a whole. His advice is well thought out and connected to the individual stories of each student while also being beneficial to the group as a whole."

— V. S.



"I have learnt a considerable range of skills for my intended style of writing. The Story Mentor's delivery is measured and balanced to accommodate all levels and intended writing styles. An on-going course full of depth, relevance, and applicable learning."

— Viv Read


"If you want to learn the craft of writing, The Story Mentor's course is the way to go if you're serious. 10/10. No bullshit or egos."

— Jonathan Keys

"I would recommend The Story Mentor's Mapping Your Story course. A three hour workshop every month for a year is great for keeping you committed to your work-in-progress. The Story Mentor puts a lot into the course and the take-home handouts are excellent. By the end of the twelve-months you will most likely have a complete first draft (however rough) but that's okay because you have something solid to work on."

— Ingrid Rickersey

"I recommend this course to anyone working on a lengthy story and who's prepared to take the full journey to being a better story writer."

— Lynn Allen,
author of Illusion and Emergence

"This course exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much more than I expected. It kick-started my second draft of my story - it started writing itself as a result of this course.  "

— Eva Cronstedt

"I walked away from this course with a novel outline and the tools to enrich it and make it sing."

— Scott-Patrick Mitchell,
author of Clean and shortlistee of WA Premiere's Book Awards 2023

"The Story Mentor has led us progressively through the structure of novel development in a way that allows us to apply it to our own writing project.  His approach is very supportive and the information provided always seems to address just what is needed at the time."

— Viv Read

"The workshops have forced me to consider what the story is about. As such I have gone back and tightened the story."

— Anonymous

"I enjoy the way you cross-reference to our previous workshops – it always seems very thorough and it helps to make sense of the connections with material we have covered before."

— Anonymous


"The workshop made me understand more what I’m doing in my book and where I’m going wrong."

— Anonymous

"The Story Mentor presents the information and then allows participants to digest and apply it. This lets each participant have their own personalised moments of awareness. He is good to answer everyone’s questions and take a genuine interest in his students' projects."

— P. Fouracres

"Wonderful course, especially for a novice writer like me. It makes the task of writing a novel seem possible! I don't say 'I might write a novel' anymore, it's now 'where will I get it published."

— Pauline Day



"I appreciated the way The Story Mentor broke Harry Potter down into scenes: it allowed me to visualise how it came together and apply that to my story."

— Anonymous



"I continue to gather more tools to help with my story writing."

— Anonymous

Testimonials for Writing from Life as Storytelling


"A thought provoking workshop with useful templates and easy-to-follow structure. I'd recommend it to any writer struggling to construct a story of new to writing."

— Hannah


"The Story Mentor knoews his stuff and provides a depth of information."

— Anonymous


"Great content, passionate delivery. You learn the structure of memoir writing and how to apply it to your work. Future learning options are provided."

— Michelle


"The Story Mentor provides a thorough, comprehensive workshop that I believe is ideal for new writers or writers who are struggling with structure. I found the workshop informative and enjoyable."

— Anonymous

Testimonials for How to Become a Successful Author


"An informative and insightful workshop. I would recommend this for any writer."

— Anonymous


"Lots of great practical ideas to launch a writing career."

— Bev McNamara


"The Story Mentor has a broad knowledge of the needs of writers."

— Anonymous


"A friendly and accessible workshop that is fun and informative."

— Lee J. Carroll

Testimonials for Charting the Hero's Journey


"The Story Mentor tackled the content in a concise and considerate manner and is very encouraging towards participants’ questions and insights. Highly recommended."

— Scott-Patrick Mitchell


"The Story Mentor is one of those annoying people who has a gift from the Gods. His unique presentation skills allow him to connect with his audience while still presenting factual information. It's a rare skill."

— Jon Walker


"Well structured, logical and good for the beginner. Well known example to illustrate the different steps, and audience interaction. Clear slides and good voice for the size of the venue. Respectful interaction with attendees."

— Odile Pouliquen-Young


"A well structured and detailed presentation about the hero's journey which gave plenty of opportunity to apply the lessons learnt to our own work. Would definitely recommend the workshop."

— Alia Bath

"Very informative, done in fun ways. The Story Mentor was respectful for our questions. It was encouraging, giving me inspiration and motivation to keep writing. Highly recommended!"

— Anonymous

"I really enjoyed this workshop. It was a great introduction to the Hero’s Journey, how it might be useful to a writer, how it could be applied to your own writing/plotting, and how it makes for a satisfying story. It has instigated a paradigm shift in the way I think about plotting of longer pieces of writing and I will be reading more on the topic."

— Anne Forbes

" As a beginner, I  enjoyed the workshop and found it informative. It was well presented in a friendly atmosphere and it gave all of us a basic set of tools. I had thought my novel was different, but now I understand I have instinctively followed the hero's path and this workshop , provided a deeper understanding of what I have written so far."

—Garry Winterton

"An excellent workshop. As a result of it, I will be making significant changes to my current story. I think it will be so much more exciting in the process."

— Eva Cronstedt

Testimonials for How to Write Well


"The Story Mentor's workshop was very informative, set in a lovely location, and I learnt a wealth of very useful information."

— Julie


"The workshop was crammed with detail and I loved it. There was more information than I was expecting."

— Sue


"Informative and summarised important grammar and punctuation information that I have forgotten over the years. I found a lot of useful facts and reasons for the rules ."

— Val Jewlachow


"The presentation was at a sensible pace - unrushed. The friendly attention was not dictatorial but good seimple advice."

— Gordon

Testimonials for Mastering the Art of Story Critiquing


"I really enjoyed the presentation: it was upbeat and easy to follow. Providing handouts made it so easy to follow, I could really get a full understanding. … The Story Mentor gave an engaging and informative workshop. He covered the basics in a very practical way. I feel I could walk right out and start critiquing using his notes."

— Lisa Holt


"Extremely informative in a field which I know little. An excellent, well presented workshop which held my interest and provided me with many new facts to implement in the future."

— Angela


"I liked the in-depth approach and how The Story Mentor worked with us so he knew we were understanding what he was saying."

— Alex Holt


"The detailed presentation was thorough and helpful. The extra material on PowerPoint was perfect for the limited time."

— Francess Day

Testimonials for Writing for Self-Discovery


"This is a very important topic, especially for non-identified writers."

— Anonymous


"I found it extremely useful and motivating. It has given me much food for thought."

— Jill Naylor


"An excellent workshop that helped me get started with my second book."

— Kat Davy


"Very motivating, uplifting workshop. Well presented and very practical exercises. I feel very excited to work on my project at the end of the workshop."

— Eva Cronstedt

"I enjoyed dismantling my raw writing and reforning it again in a totally different way."

— Alexandra Geneve

"I recommend it for content and safe exploration of topics."

— Margaret Wilkes

" A well thoughout program. Recommended."

— Steven

"Your words about realising we can only be responsible for what goes on inside us (and not all else) are spot on."

— Georgia

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