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The Writer's Way
A Creative Development Cluster

Become Your Creative Best

Cast aside your self-doubt and blast through internal blocks so your creativity can flourish.  

Attaining the tools and processes used by successful authors, weekly classes inspire your personal journey towards creative development and recovery. Working in a supportive, nurturing environment, you will dissolve barriers preventing creative expression, rediscover the value of your writing talent, and learn that it’s never too late to start fulfilling your writing dreams.

Classes will deliver:
1. Understanding of what it means to be a writer;
2. Use of techniques to free yourself from
inhibition and creative stiltedness;
3. Discovery of what makes your creativity unique;
4. Development of your writing abilities; and
5. Guidance along your inner journey from multi-award winning author and mentor A. R. Levett.

The course is an ongoing, 14-week commitment for new, emerging, and experienced writers to develop their creative selves. Payment options are available.

"Very motivating, uplifting workshop."

— Eva Cronstedt

Course Outline

Term 1


Class 1: 4 May 2024

Receive an introduction to the course and learn about the two key tools to your creative recovery.

Class 2: 11 May 2024

Explore the concept of shadow artists, the need to protect the child within, how core negative beliefs keep us stuck, and how to use affirmations to help you along your creative recovery path.

Class 3: 18 May 2024

Learn how to go sane, why to avoid poisonous playmates and crazymakers, how to air skepticism in a healthy way, the importance of attention, and what the rules of the road are.

Class 4: 25 May 2024

Understand anger, synchronicity, shame, how to deal with criticism, and how to encourage creative growth.

Class 5: 1 Jun 2024

Discover how to make honest changes in your creative life, uncover your buried dreams, and why you need to engage with reading deprivation.

Class 6: 8 Jun 2024

Determine your creative limits, learn how to find the river to your creativity, how to avoid the virtue trap, and establish a wish list to encourage your creative dreams.

Class 7: 15 Jun 2024

Learn how to develop a connection with the Great Creator, the importance of treating yourself to luxury, and how to view money.

Class 8: 22 Jun 2024

Understand the importance of listening, how to work through perfectionism and jealousy, the need to take creative risks, and undertake some archeology of your past.

Term 2

Class 9: 20 Jul 2024

Discover how to survive as a creative person, the reasons for avoiding intellectualism, how to view losses as gains, the difference between product and process, how to fill the form, and work through some early patternings.

Class 10: 27 Jul 2024

Understand what fear is, how to encourage creative enthusiasm, how to make creative U-turns and blast through creative blocks.

Class 11: 3 Aug 2024

Discover the dangers of the trail, how to deal with workaholism, fame, and competition, and how to cope during times of creative drought.

Class 12: 10 Aug 2024

Learn the importance of acceptance of the creative process, how to process success, how sports can provide a support for your creative endeavours, and build an artist's altar.

Class 13: 17 Aug 2024

Develop the faith to trust yourself and the creative process, an appreciation for mystery, how to encourage your imagination to play, and how to avoid the tendency to escape creative problems.

Class 14: 24 Aug 2024

Establish your ongoing artist's path of creative recovery and ongoing support in the form of creative clusters.

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"I recommend it for content and safe exploration of topics."

— Margaret Wilkes


Term 1: 4 May 2024 - 22 Jun 2024
Term 2:
20 Jul 2024 - 24 Aug 2024


Goldfields Room
1st Floor State Library of WA
Perth Cultural Centre
Perth, WA

$500 for full course (Save $200!)
or $50 per class

Booking essential.

Strictly limited to 6 places only.

Bookings close 21 April 2024.



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