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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Forms of Writing
Can be Reviewed & Edited?

The Story Mentor has experience assessing various Story Forms, including:

  • Fiction

  • Non-Fiction

  • Auto-Biography and Biography

  • Memoir

  • Screenplays

  • Stage Plays

  • Poetry

  • Essays

  • more

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What Genres
Can be Reviewed & Edited?

The Story Mentor will assess most Story Genres, including, but not limited to:

  • Contemporary Fiction;

  • Drama;

  • Mystery;

  • Fantasy-Fiction;

  • Science-Fiction;

  • Horror;

  • Literary Fiction;

  • Self-Help; and

  • Travel Stories.

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What Story Forms & Genres
Can Be Assessed?

As well as providing you with a better understanding of your story and a clear direction of how to approach your next draft, The Story Mentor provides you with:

  • 2 x 45 minute Story Meetings*;


  • A Report detailing his findings; and

  • General notes and mark-ups within your manuscript regarding specific issues.

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What Skill Level
Do I Need to Be?

The Story Mentor works with writers and authors of all skill levels.

When submitting your story, it is a good idea to inform The Story Mentor of your writing experience and notify him of what level of assessment you want and any sensitivities you might have.

The Story Mentor guarantees he will treat you and your story with the utmost respect.

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Which Service
Should I Get?

Story Mentoring guides and supports those struggling with the self-doubt and uncertainty of the writing process, developing your writing skills,  confidence, and manuscript 10,000-words at a time.

A Manuscript Assessment brings fresh eyes and professional writing experience to your completed first draft to identify what works, what needs improvement,  and how to proceed in the next draft.

A Substantive Edit delves into the complexities of your unwieldy draft, restructuring it so you can finally move forward with developing your story. 

A Copy Edit corrects any grammatical and punctuation issues in your final draft and shows you how to make your writing shine.


Proof Reading provides a throughout examination of your prose to ensure it is error free.

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What is
the Process?

Once you have made contact with The Story Mentor, he will provide a quote for the cost and length of the work, then arrange a time and centrally neutral place, usually a cafe or library, for the Initial Meeting to take place.

During  the Initial Meeting, you get to discuss your story with the Story Mentor before handing over your manuscript and making payment.


The Story Mentor takes your story with him, reviews it within the agreed upon time, then contacts you to arrange the Final Meeting.

At the Final Meeting, The Story Mentor discusses his findings with you and hands over his report and your marked-up manuscript. During the meeting you have the opportunity to discuss The Story Mentor's findings with him and ask him questions.

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How Do I
Submit my Story?

Printed Manuscript


  • Hand it to The Story Mentor during the Initial Meeting; or

  • Post your manuscript to The Story Mentor. Ask him for his postal address.

Digital Manuscript

Attach it to an email by clicking here.

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How is my Story
Marked Up?

Printed Manuscript

Mark-ups made by hand on the printed document.

Digital Manuscript

Mark-ups made using MS Word Track Changes.

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How Should I
Format my Manuscript?

When submitting your story to The Story Mentor, please use the following formatting:

  • Line Spacing: 2.0

  • Margins: 2.54cm top, bottom, left, right

  • Font Type: Times New Roman or Arial

  • Font Size: 12pt

  • Document Format: .doc or .docx only

  • Printed Manuscripts: One sided only

  • Page Numbers: Place inside Bottom Footer

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How Do I
Book a Service?

To Book for any of The Story Mentor's services,  please fill out the form below.

In your message, please outline your name, the length of your story, and your writing experience.

Thanks! Message sent.


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How Do I
Pay The Story Mentor?
The Story Mentor accepts the following payment methods for a Manuscript Assessment:

Prior to Initial Meeting

  • Bank Deposit; or

  • Paypal

At Initial Meeting

  • Cash

Once payment is made, an invoice will be provided to the payee.

Payment for all services is required before or at the Initial Meeting. If no payment is made, no service will be provided.


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