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Writing for Self-Discovery
4-Month Course

Reauthor Yourself
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Some personal stories demand to be told but writing them is often difficult. Honouring these experiences to learn about oneself can be highly beneficial.

Over four writing-led workshops, award-winning author A. R. Levett demonstrates the benefits of using writing to work through trauma and reauthor yourself. In this safe place, you will create a self-care plan for the writing process, then be guided through the six stages of the Writing for Self-Discovery method so you can work towards self healing.

Please note, A. R. Levett is not a therapist and is not qualified to help you deal with your trauma.

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"This is a very important topic, especially for non-identified writers."

— Anonymous

Course Outline

Class 1

Receive an introduction to the course and develop a self-care plan for your writing journey.

Class 2

Begin to create your story by exploring the preparation and germinating stages of the Writing for Self-Discovery process.

Class 3

Further develop your story by undertaking the working and deepening stages of this writing method.

Class 4

Refine your developing story through the ordering and shaping and the completing procedures.

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"I found it extremely useful and motivating. It has given me much food for thought."

— Jill Naylor





$180 for full course
or $50 per class

Bookings & Enquiries

Limited to 6 places

Bookings close TBA

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"An excellent workshop that helped me get started with my second book."

— Kat Davy

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