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What is a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is an informed review of your story. It allows The Story Mentor to bring his storytelling experience and fresh eyes to your manuscript to determine whether the concept and story works as a whole.


During a Manuscript Assessment, The Story Mentor:

  • Reviews your story with experienced eyes;

  • Assesses the story as a whole;

  • Offers suggestions on how to improve it;

  • Identifies any sections that need clarification;

  • Recommends what to add or remove;

  • Pinpoints plot holes and errors in logic; and

  • Advises your next best course of action.

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When Should I Get a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is recommended for writers with a completed early draft of their story.


Often writers become too close to their stories and struggle to recognise its quality components from its obvious flaws. If this has happened to you, then you need a Manuscript Assessment.


The Story Mentor approaches your manuscript with fresh eyes, allowing him to see clearly what works and what needs improvement.

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Workshop Outline

Some personal stories demand to be told but writing them is often difficult. Honouring these experiences to learn about oneself can be highly beneficial. If you have ever thought that writing has or could help you learn more about yourself, then this workshop is for you.

In this 6-hour workshop, The Story Mentor draws upon research to demonstrate:

  • The benefits of writing for self-discovery;

  • The uses of catharsis and disclosure;

  • How symbolic repair can help you overcome traumatic experiences;

  • The benefits of bearing witness to experience through writing; and

  • The possibilities of re-authoring experience through writing.

Please note, The Story Mentor is not a therapist and is not qualified to help you deal with traumatic experiences. The purpose of this workshop is only to demonstrate the different ways writing can help you learn more about yourself on your own or with a trained therapist.

Workshop Outcome

Create a self-care plan for your writing journey, and begin the journey by working through the 6 stages of the writing for self-discovery process.

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$80 per person




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