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Charting the

Hero's Journey

What is a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is an informed review of your story. It allows The Story Mentor to bring his storytelling experience and fresh eyes to your manuscript to determine whether the concept and story works as a whole.


During a Manuscript Assessment, The Story Mentor:

  • Reviews your story with experienced eyes;

  • Assesses the story as a whole;

  • Offers suggestions on how to improve it;

  • Identifies any sections that need clarification;

  • Recommends what to add or remove;

  • Pinpoints plot holes and errors in logic; and

  • Advises your next best course of action.

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When Should I Get a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is recommended for writers with a completed early draft of their story.


Often writers become too close to their stories and struggle to recognise its quality components from its obvious flaws. If this has happened to you, then you need a Manuscript Assessment.


The Story Mentor approaches your manuscript with fresh eyes, allowing him to see clearly what works and what needs improvement.

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Workshop Outline

Having trouble making all of your story's elements fit together well? Feel like your story is missing something but can't put your finger on it? Then The Story Mentor's Charting the Hero's Journey workshop is just what you need to put your story together in a coherent manner.

In this 3-hour workshop, The Story Mentor reveals the power of applying the Hero’s Journey structure to your story. During this workshop, participants will:

  •  Discover how classic 3-Act Structure works

  •  Learn the 12 stages of the Hero’s Journey

  •  Map the Hero’s Journey to classic 3-act structure

  •  Understand how the Hero's Journey is used in popular stories

  •  Apply the Hero’s Journey to their existing story

Workshop Outcome: Map out your story using the Hero’s Journey & 3-Act Structure
This workshop is suited for people who have an existing story and want help restructuring it. Participants will need to bring along an existing story or outline.



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$50 per person

Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer (email The Story Mentor for details)

  • Cash on the day


If you are interested in The Story Mentor running this workshop, please email him:

Limited places. Booking essential.

Bookings close: TBC

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Testimonials for Charting the Hero's Journey

"The Story Mentor tackled the content in a concise and considerate manner and is very encouraging towards participants’ questions and insights. Highly recommended."

— Scott Patrick Mitchell

"A well structured and detailed presentation about the hero's journey which gave plenty of opportunity to apply the lessons learnt to our own work. Would definitely recommend the workshop."

— Alia Bath

"Well structured, logical and good for the beginner. Well known example to illustrate the different steps, and audience interaction. Clear slides and good voice for the size of the venue. Respectful interaction with attendees."

— Odile Pouliquen-Young

"The Story Mentor is one of those annoying people who has a gift from the Gods. His unique presentation skills allow him to connect with his audience while still presenting factual information. It's a rare skill."

— Jon Walker

"Very informative, done in fun ways. The Story Mentor was respectful for our questions. It was encouraging, giving me inspiration and motivation to keep writing. Highly recommended!"

— Anonymous

"I really enjoyed this workshop. It was a great introduction to the Hero’s Journey, how it might be useful to a writer, how it could be applied to your own writing/plotting, and how it makes for a satisfying story. It has instigated a paradigm shift in the way I think about plotting of longer pieces of writing and I will be reading more on the topic."

— Anne Forbes

" As a beginner, I  enjoyed the workshop and found it informative. It was well presented in a friendly atmosphere and it gave all of us a basic set of tools. I had thought my novel was different, but now I understand I have instinctively followed the hero's path and this workshop , provided a deeper understanding of what I have written so far."

— Garry Winterton

"An excellent workshop. As a result of it, I will be making significant changes to my current story. I think it will be so much more exciting in the process."

— Eva Cronstedt

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