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Plotting Your Novel
8-Week Course

Assemble Your Story's Elements

Struggling to turn your ideas into a cohesive book? Unsure how to fit all the different elements together?

In this course with award-winning author A.R. Levett, you will establish and organise the 26 different elements needed to plot  an engaging story. You will discover when and where to establish each component, how to play them out in the story, and how to tie them up by the story’s end. The result will be the development of a comprehensive story plan from which you can write your novel.


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"It has given me an excellent framework to use in the last few chapters of my story."

— Eva Cronstedt

Course Outline

Class 1: 15 Oct 2022

Receive an introduction to the course, discover how to create an organic plot and how to plot the story's opening and backstory.

Class 2: 22 Oct 2022

Learn how to implement the setting, problem, inner weakness, inciting incident and central goal in your story's plot.

Class 3: 29 Oct 2022

Develop your story's allies, sub-plot character/s, main opponent & fake-ally opponent in relation to plot.

Class 4: 5 Nov 2022

Implement a the protagonist's initial plan, training, reveals sequence and the first major reveal and decision.

Class 5: 12 Nov 2022

Discover the opponent's plan and develop the protagonist's ongoing counter-plans.

Class 6: 19 Nov 2022

Determine the attack by an ally, apparent defeat and the second major reveal and decision. 

Class 7: 26 Nov 2022

Develop the third major reveal and the gate, gauntlet and visit to death.

Class 8:3 Dec 2022

Implement the climax, self-revelation, moral decision, thematic revelation, and new equilibrium into the story's plot.

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"My story can progress in a more structured manner now."

— Anonymous


15 Oct - 3 Dec 2022
Saturdays 1pm - 4pm


Mattie Furphy House
88 Wood Street

$40 per class
or $250 for full course (save $70!)
Book for Class 1 and if you want to continue with the full course, pay only $210 for the remainder of it.


Book before 2 October 2022 and go into the draw to win a $100 Story Mentor voucher.



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"The material presented was detailed and thorough."

— Margaret Cameron

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