Mastering the Art of

Story Critiquing

What is a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is an informed review of your story. It allows The Story Mentor to bring his storytelling experience and fresh eyes to your manuscript to determine whether the concept and story works as a whole.


During a Manuscript Assessment, The Story Mentor:

  • Reviews your story with experienced eyes;

  • Assesses the story as a whole;

  • Offers suggestions on how to improve it;

  • Identifies any sections that need clarification;

  • Recommends what to add or remove;

  • Pinpoints plot holes and errors in logic; and

  • Advises your next best course of action.

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When Should I Get a
Manuscript Assessment?

A Manuscript Assessment is recommended for writers with a completed early draft of their story.


Often writers become too close to their stories and struggle to recognise its quality components from its obvious flaws. If this has happened to you, then you need a Manuscript Assessment.


The Story Mentor approaches your manuscript with fresh eyes, allowing him to see clearly what works and what needs improvement.

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Workshop Outline

Being part of a critique group is an essential part of becoming a writer but it is often fraught with tension and unhelpful feedback. If you’re tired of receiving lacklustre feedback on your stories, then this workshop is for you.

During this workshop, The Story Mentor teaches you how to:

  •  Recognise what is and isn't appropriate feedback

  •  Understand the different levels of critiquing and appropriateness

  •  Learn how to use the “sandwich technique”

  •  Be provided with examples of constructive criticism

  •  Identify how to find a critique group

Workshop Outcome: Learn how to provide informed critiquing for your peers


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$50 per person

Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer (email The Story Mentor for details)

  • Cash on the day


If you are interested in The Story Mentor running this workshop, please email him:

Limited places. Booking essential.

Bookings close: TBC

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Testimonials for Mastering the Art of Story Critiquing

'I really enjoyed the presentation: it was upbeat and easy to follow. Providing handouts made it so easy to follow, I could really get a full understanding. … The Story Mentor gave an engaging and informative workshop. He covered the basics in a very practical way. I feel I could walk right out and start critiquing using his notes."

— Lisa Holt

"Extremely informative in a field which I know little. An excellent, well presented workshop which held my interest and provided me with many new facts to implement in the future."

— Angela

"I liked the in-depth approach and how The Story Mentor worked with us so he knew we were understanding what he was saying"

— Alex Holt

"The detailed presentation was thorough and helpful. The extra material on PowerPoint was perfect for the limited time."

— Francess Day