Deepening Your Story
8-Week Course

Add Meaning to your Story

Do you want to write a book that discusses important ideas? Do you need to flesh out your story’s theme, setting and symbolism?

This course with award-winning author A. R. Levett helps you determine what deeper ideas you are trying to discuss by writing your story, teaching you how to convey them without coming across as preachy. You will develop your story’s theme and discover how to use symbols and setting to express it so your book offers readers a rich experience beyond  surface details.

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"It contains lots of stimulating ideas."

— Lynn Allen

Course Outline

Class 1

Receive an introduction to the course, discover the theme of your story & how to play it out through character oppositions.

Class 2

Further develop your story's theme through the way you utilise the first seven structural steps.

Class 3

Finalise the story's theme by developing it via the last seven structural steps.

Class 4

Develop symbols for your story and discover how settings are forms of symbolism in storytelling.

Class 5

Discover the purpose of setting in story and the meanings of multiple human-made settings.

Class 6

Discover the meanings behind multiple natural settings & weather & how to use them in your story.

Class 7

Determine the symbolic value of the tools and technology in your story.

Class 8

Uncover how using setting can help convey the protagonist's development during the story.

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"I most enjoyed the ideas on how the world is not just a convenient stage, but almost an actual character in the story."

— Louise Ainsworth


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"I really enjoyed the relative ease with which I was able to apply these concepts to my story."

— Steven Barra