2022 Courses

8-WEEK ONLINE COURSE: 8 Feb - 29 Mar 2022
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Do you have lots of great ideas that would make for interesting stories? Do you want to learn how to write  an engaging book?

During this acclaimed writing exercise-led course, award-winning author
A. R. Levett guides you through establishing the possibilities and challenges inherent in your idea, the characters who populate it, the main conflict they will be involved in, the character growth arc, and more. You will walk away with a solid story premise and the confidence to begin writing.

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4-MONTH COURSE: 13 Mar - 12 Jun 2022

Some personal stories demand to be told but writing them is often difficult. Honouring these experiences to learn about oneself can be highly beneficial.

Over four writing-led workshops, award-winning author A. R. Levett demonstrates the benefits of using writing to work through trauma and reauthor yourself. In this safe place, you will create a self-care plan for the writing process, then be guided through the six stages of the Writing for Self-Discovery method so you can work towards self healing.

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8-WEEK ONLINE COURSE: 3 May - 21 Jun 2022

Do you find it challenging to create memorable, life-like characters?

This course with award-winning author A. R. Levett guides you through how to create believable characters readers will fall in love with by identifying the story function of each one, differentiating them from each other, putting them in conflict with each other, drawing on archetypes to flesh them out, and using archetypal journeys to develop character arcs for them so they come across as authentic.

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8-WEEK ONLINE COURSE: 26 Jul - 13 Sept 2022

Do you want to write a book that discusses important ideas? Do you need to flesh out your story’s theme, setting and symbolism?

This course with award-winning author A. R. Levett helps you determine what deeper ideas you are trying to discuss by writing your story, teaching you how to convey them without coming across as preachy. You will develop your story’s theme and discover how to use symbols and setting to express it so your book offers readers a rich experience beyond  surface details.


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8-WEEK ONLINE COURSE: 11 Oct - 29 Nov 2022

Struggling to turn your ideas into a cohesive book? Unsure how to fit all the different elements together?

In this course with award-winning author A.R. Levett, you will establish and organise the 26 different elements needed to plot  an engaging story. You will discover when and where to establish each component, how to play them out in the story, and how to tie them up by the story’s end. The result will be the development of a comprehensive story plan from which you can write your novel.

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Having problems developing your vision for your story?


Need some guidance on how to shape your manuscript into the best it can be?

The Story Mentor offers 5 services to help you better understand your story and point you in the right direction:

Story Mentoring

Manuscript Assessments

Substantive Editing

Copy Editing

Proof Reading


Have an epic vision for your story but need to learn how to write it?


Want to brush up on your storytelling knowledge and skills?


Just want to find some time and space to write your story?

The Story Mentor offers a wide range of workshops and courses that provide you with the skills to hone your craft and create your vision. 


"For any struggling wanna-be author like myself, a person of The Story Mentor's experience and skill set is definitely the way forwards."

— Tom,

Substantive Editing client

"The Story Mentor provided very helpful advice and suggestions on my poetry, and I would thoroughly recommend his services."

— Anonymous
Manuscript Assessment client

"The Story Mentor tackled the content in a concise and considerate manner and is very encouraging towards participants’ questions and insights. Highly recommended."

— Scott Patrick Mitchell,
Charting the Hero's Journey participant

"The Story Mentor is one of those annoying people who has a gift from the Gods. His unique presentation skills allow him to connect with his audience while still presenting factual information. It's a rare skill."

— Jon Walker,
Charting the Hero's Journey participant


The Story Mentor is A. R. Levett B.A., B.Cmm.(Hons), an award-winning, emerging Perth, WA author. For a decade, he has studied the craft of creative writing and helped budding writers hone their skills and turn their ideas into engaging stories with his Story Mentoring services. He has taught at Edith Cowan University and presented workshops for the WA writing community. He is passionate about storytelling and helping authors bring out the best in their stories.

To contact The Story Mentor for any of his services, please fill out the contact form below or email him at andrew@thestorymentor.com.au

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