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Writer's Consultation

Find out if you're on the right Path

Are you someone who has always wanted to be creative but don't know if you have what it takes? Have you written something but are unsure what direction to take? Are you just looking for an experienced author to speak to about your project and progress in confidence?

Writing is often a long and lonely process and sometimes we need to speak with other like-minded writers to get a sense of ourselves and the direction we are taking our work in. Other times we simply need someone who knows the business of writing and can lend a sympathetic ear to our writerly woes. And yet other times we simply want to know if becoming a writer is for you.

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"A great opportunity to flesh out and focus in on a story idea."

— Garry Winterton

What's Involved

Typically a Writer's Consult involves meeting at a central location, like a library or cafe, and simply discussing what's on your mind. During these sessions I will extol your efforts and give out advice that will help youi and your creative work. 


"Empowering stuff. I’m going to be able to write stories more easily now."

— Lynne Deperas


To book, simply send me an email at and we can organise and a day, time, and location to meet

$30 per hour

Bookings & Enquiries


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"A valuable tool to assist in developing my story. My writing will be better because of it."

— Margaret Cameron

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